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16/06/2006 DEGHA unveils Silverwood Flooring's Digital Decorator

Austin, TX. June 16 2006. DEGHA, provider of leading visualization solutions for coverings manufacturers and real state developers, today announced that it has unveiled Silverwood Floorings’ online Digital Decorator.

The software showcases fourteen laminate floors that can be visualized in five room scenes, including a bedroom, a loft, a living room a dining room and a kitchen.

Products like Oak Geneve, Oak Locarno and Sycamore, can be installed in three different installation patterns like herringbone, staggered or staggered at 90 degrees. A feature like this allows the customers to visualize the impact of the sun light coming in from the windows, preventing undesired results when the real installation of the laminates is done.

The greatest challenge was to represent the natural wood essence present in the laminate floors, which was accomplished with surprising results.

Silverwood Flooring will continuously increase the amount of products and room scenes available in the Digital Decorator, as they increase their lines of products and target new markets.

About Silverwood Flooring
Silverwood Flooring brings together the expertise of Canada's leading supplier of laminate flooring and the country’s most experienced laminate flooring installation company. Silverwood Flooring has been selected by Kronopol as the only authorized supplier to the trade in North America of its laminate flooring products.

About DEGHA®
DEGHA® is an international software company with presence in America and Europe. Quality, innovation and performance are the values behind its digital decoration systems and services. With headquarters in Austin, Texas and branch offices in San Jose, California, Italy, Mexico and Spain, DEGHA® serves companies that are worldwide leaders in the coverings and construction industries. Internet: http://www.degha.com email: info@degha.com


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