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Finishes manufacturers face important challenges as they:

• Help interior designers, architects and home owners to imagine how their products will look installed in their homes or offices.

• Provide and update their distribution channel with technical data describing new products.


• Digital Decorator

Online and CD ROM software that allows users to view and combine materials (flooring, paint, etc.) in various room scenes.

• Photography (on-site)
Our team of professional photographers uses the latest technologies in digital photography and illumination to capture room scenes for use with our digital decorator technology.

• Renderings
Superb quality interior and exterior renderings, for room scenes that are impossible to attain in photography sets (preconstruction, etc).


  “We’ve been trying to sell our paints to an important architectural firm for 3 years. As soon as Degha gave us our Digital Decorator, we arranged a meeting with them. The head architect was so impressed that they decided to start buying our paints. There’s been one year after that meeting and they keep increasing the purchase volume every month.”

Adrian L., Marketing Manager, Berel Paints.

• Enhance the customer experience
• Reduce time to market
• Cut expenditures on samples sent to your distribution channel

On your website
• Reach more customers
• Drive more traffic to your stores
• Educate your customers before they go to the stores

At your stores
• Shorten sales cycle
• Increase the amount of customers salespeople can attend
• Reduce returns of products to your stores



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