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Saltillo, Mexico

Vitromex is one of North America’s most successful brands for the production and commercialization of ceramic floor and wall tile, sanitaryware and accesories.

Vitromex is a brand with a strong presence in Mexico that exports to USA, Canada, Bahamas,Haiti, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras Belize, Costa Rica and Chile, as well as other countries.

Vitromex has 11 production plants and has experienced a sales growth rate of 12% per year in the past 5 years.

Vitromex has a distribution network in Mexico of more than 350 points of sale throughout the country.

Ceramic Tile Manufacturer

Chief Executive
Rodolfo Fernández

US $310 million



In 2004, Vitromex launched a campaign to find the best visualization solution to help their customers visualize combinations of more than 1000 floor tiles, wall tiles and decorative accents that make up the company's product portfolio.

Vitromex' stringent criteria included ease of use, high speed, and, most importantly, the best image quality available on the market.

With a distribution network of more than 350 retail locations, and the need for high quality demos at the major international ceramic tile trade shows, Vitromex needed a supplier with the capabilities, experience, and ability to deliver and surpass industry standards, and increase the value of the Vitromex brand.

Vitromex website users click on the “Digital Decorator” link

A welcome page and basic instructions appear on the screen

The customers can then “play” with all the product combinations and print the final results of their designs.


Vitromex approached DEGHA and they worked together to define the specifications for Vitromex Digital Decorator, available as a stand alone CD and as an online solution.

The stand-alone application was delivered with the Live Update feature, allowing updates to the Interactive Catalog or the Digital Decorator.

The Digital Decorator allows Vitromex customers to create and view more than ten million product combinations.

Interactive Catalog


“Vitromex has experienced a sustained growth in the last five years, our performance is higher than the national industry average. We are convinced that DEGHA’s solutions contribute to this success and we will definitely continue to invest in upgrading Degha’s Digital Decorator.

Hector Zertuche,
Marketing Manager Vitromex


We are so excited about Degha’s Digital Decoration software that Vitromex gave us that we have installed the solution on every salesperson’s computer.

Mike D,
Ceramic Tile Store Manager


In a period of eighteen months, more than 9000 CDs were delivered to the Vitromex distribution network and to final consumers of Vitromex products.

Some retail outlets have included a link to the Digital Decorator on their websites, contributing to the increase of traffic to those sites.

Other distributors set up computer stations that are available for the store visitors to use the Digital Decorator while in the store.

It is approximated that the Vitromex distribution channels close 30% more contracts with home builders using the Digital Decorator than before adopting the tool.


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