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Interior Designers / Architects
“Degha’s tool is great; it’s very easy to communicate our ideas of color and texture combinations to our customers.”

Susan M., Interior Designer.

“That same day that Berel gave us the Digital Decorator, we arranged a meeting with one of our customers that didn’t decided for weeks which colors to use in his new home. As soon as he was able to see the right combination in that same day, he made his decision.”

Martin L., Architect

Salespeople for building companies
“We would have saved a lot of time and money by not sending the physical samples of the materials to our prospects, instead allowing them to see samples online and in the actual bathroom or kitchen of the condo they are buying.”

Carlos V., Sales Manager, Sales and Design Center.

Store Salespeople
“We are so excited about Degha’s Digital Decoration software that Vitromex gave us, that we have installed on every salesperson’s computers.”

Mike D, Ceramic Tile Store Manger.

End buyers (people at their homes)
“When I was looking for my new home, I researched first on the builders’ websites; I was really impressed when I saw a visual tool that allowed me to see how my new home would look. My wife fell in love with the portogallo green granite of the kitchen countertop. Next day we were buying that new home!”

Robert M., Home Buyer.


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